Redefining the Power Suit - By a woman for women


Farah Seif grew up in a family of architects and has always been really into designs that incorporate geometric shapes and patterns. She graduated from Paris American Academy where she majored in Fashion Design - Haute Couture. After graduating, she decided to start her own brand at the age of 24.

Farah has always been captivated with suits but they were always brushed aside as simply work attire. The 80s power suit has always fascinated her. In the 1970s, more women were joining the workforce, so, by the early 1980s, the idea of the working woman had become more normalized, paving the way for the 80s power suit. The exaggerated man’s business suit, pioneered by Giorgio Armani, cloaking the feminine form with an exaggerated masculine silhouette, shifted attention away from a woman's body to what she could achieve, demanding respect, it broke women’s gender and sexuality stereotypes. It has since become synonymous with feminism and equality and a major inspiration for Farah's designs.

Nowadays women's suits have shifted away from their role as corporate ensembles. They’ve become less and less formal. Today women's suits are statement-making, playful and allow modern women to walk through life with confidence and a sense of self empowerment. This is exactly the kind of confidence she wants women to exude when they wear Farah Seif designs. Her ultimate goal is for women to feel confident, powerful, and beautiful wearing her designs.

All pieces are designed in our studio/office in Alexandria, Egypt. Each piece is created with extreme attention to detail. The team is hands on with each and every piece to make sure it is absolutely perfect! When designing, we strive to make everything as unique as possible for you. It is extremely important for us to offer you high quality products at reasonable prices.